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Pink Dog Parlor Latham

We have sold the Latham store to Lori Daniel. She can be reached at 783-5117.   Congratulations Lori and her husband, Dean, on their new venture!

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Matted coats do not keep your pet warm in the cold.  The individual hairs are moved by the arrector pili muscle to keep them warm.  If they can't move the hair because it is matted, your pet would be warmer with the hair cut off and a sweater!

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Book your Easter grooming and boarding appointments early!


 Pink Dog Parlor & Resort is an exciting new concept in pet care, centering on a full-service pet styling salon with separate facilities for both cats and dogs. We're committed to moving toward a more natural approach for your pet's physical and emotional well-being. Our primary focus is high customer satisfaction, earned with a friendly, educated and experienced staff, a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere, and a unique lineup of products and services that adhere to exceedingly high standards of quality and effectiveness. What are these new services?


Click the tab on the Left and learn more about:

  • Separate area for Cat styling
  • Doggie Playcare
  • Vacation destination suites for pets
  • Self-serve pet wash
  • Special Events
  • Boutique

Please feel free to stop in for a tour!


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