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Pet Styling Services

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From everyday maintenance to extravagant styling The Pink Dog Parlor boasts nationally-recognized, award-winning grooming. Our groomers have the knowledge and finesse to create a beautifully-styled, happy, healthy pet. At the beginning of a session, each pet's coat is assessed and matched with the best shampoo and conditioner for its coat type and condition


Premium Styling

session includes a bath using a quality pet shampoo specifically pH balanced for dogs and cats, a conditioning treatment, nail trimming, checking anal glands, ear care, combing, drying and styling to your specifications.

Lite Styling

for those in between times, consists of a complete bathing session with minimal scissoring. The charge is $15 less than a Premium Styling.

Bath & Brush Out

includes shampooing, conditioning, drying and combing/brushing of the coat.


Monday-Friday, 8 am - 4 pm

Saturday, 8 am -until the last dog is finished (we leave early Saturdays if we can!)

Closed Sundays and Holidays

Dog Styling

PLEASE NOTE:  For the safety of your pets and our staff, mats that will not easily brush out will be clipped out.  If you would like your pet dematted, you must sign a dematting waiver and approve any related charges.  Although our staff is trained to work with difficult or aggressive pets, if it becomes obviously dangerous to the staff or your pet, we will end the styling session.

The condition of each pet will be evaluated at the time of their appointment. Pick-up times will be based upon the coat, condition and size of pet. Small pets are usually finished in two hours while larger dogs will take more time. Multiple pet families will be given a pick-up time based on the day’s schedule.

Our prices are based on an hourly charge. How long it takes to style a pet varies greatly within the breed depending upon size, coat length, texture, time between groomings, coat condition,  lifestyle and temperament of the individual. It is difficult to quote a price on a dog we haven't yet seen; however, we can give you our best estimated price range.

Dematting takes a great deal of time and effort. It can also be very painful to your pet. We reserve the right to refuse to demat any pet when it will negatively impact their health and safety. Rate of $60/hour.

Handscissoring is when you want the dog in a trim longer than clippers can accomplish. Rate of $60/hour.

Handstripping is a specialized skill to create the right texture and design, especially on terriers. Rate of $75/hour.

Cat Styling

 Cats require special handling and our Certified Master Cat Groomer will work with your cat to make the experience as calm, stress-free and pleasant as possible. We use only high-quality products labeled for use on cats. For their comfort and security, please bring them in their own carrier. A towel or other item in the crate that carries the scent of home and helps create a more positive environment for your pet. Rate: $70 and up.

THERA CLEAN Microbubble Bath

A deep clean using our THERA CLEAN microbubble machine.  For the reduction of odor (especially skunk!), stress, itching, scratching, grease, dry skin and shedding.  Our microbubble machine uses water, air and (sometimes) natural enzymes to creat a deep, natural clean. 

Therapeutic Skin Treatment Spa

For the treatment of allergies, hair loss, fungal or bacterial skin infections with a 3-part treatment. First we detoxify the skin with a purifying  or mud mask.  Then we cleanse the skin with a shampoo designed to treat the specific problem.  We follow cleansing with a hydration routine which includes conditioners and oils to help calm and heal the skin.  You won't believe the difference!

Oral Hygiene Treatment

Routine veterinary checkups are vital to your pet's good health. And there are many things we can do to ensure your pet stays healthy and happy between vet visits - including regular use of the PlaqClnz oral cleansing system.

PlaqClnz is all natural with Zinc Complex. An affordable and cost-effective treatment with no brushing needed.

Special Services and Ala Carte Items

  • Flea Treatments $5.00 + up (depending upon size of pet & severity of infestation)
  • Nail Trim - $14.00
  • Oral Hygiene Treatment (PlaqClnz)- $5.00
  • Nail Polish - $5.00, with design $10.00
  • Paw-Di-Cure - $3.00
  • Toothbrushing - $2.00
  • Facial - $2.00
  • Therapeutic Skin Treatment $5.00 + up
  • THERA CLEAN microbubble bath: 
    • As an add on to a grooming - $10 + up
    • As a stand alone bath - $35 + up


  • A bath is included in the price of each styling. We include this to ensure proper bathing, rinsing and blow drying for the best-looking pet possible. A clean and properly prepared coat also lengthens the life of our blades and scissors.  We use professional shampoos with the proper pH for pets and the appropriate shampoo and conditioning treatment for each coat type.

  • We work on an appointment basis. If you miss an appointment time, we are still paying stylists to be there at that time; therefore there may be an additional charge up to the price of the grooming for cancellations without 24 hours notice, not showing up for an appointment or excessive lateness. It will be requested you pay in advance for appointments if you miss multiple appointments.

  • There is an Express Styling charge of $15.00 for any request to finish a pet in less than 2 hours. Please show up on time as we have made special arrangements for you and, if you are late, we may not be able to accommodate your request.

  • Dogs may be crated up to four hours. After that, they will be expected to be placed in our Stay & Groom area. There is an additional fee for this service. Please see our Playcare page.

  • If you have made special arrangements to pick up at a specific time, please be on time. There may be an additional charge for those picked up late. We generally need at least 2 hours to complete a small dog and 3 for a larger or heavier-coated dog. If you need to leave your pet for longer than the time we state, please let us know at that time.

  • All pets should be picked up by closing, unless other arrangements have been made. There is a $5.00 late fee per 15 minutes after closing.